KD908S - E-Reader - International SafetyNET Services Manual, 2021 - Spanish

KD908S - E-Reader - International SafetyNET Services Manual, 2021 - Spanish

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  • SKU: KD908S
  • ISBN: 9789280131819
  • Product Type: E-Reader
  • Manufacturer: IMO Publishing

SafetyNET is an international automatic direct-printing satellite-based service for the promulgation of maritime safety information including navigational warnings and meteorological information and other urgent safety-related messages to ships, as well as search and rescue-related information, and fulfils an integral role in the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).

This edition of the Manual, renamed the *International SafetyNET Services Manual*, incorporates changes introduced to the Inmarsat satellite network and services including the Inmarsat Fleet Safety service, which has been recognized as a mobile satellite service for use in the GMDSS by adoption of resolution MSC.450(99).

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