KA948E - E-Reader: Document for Fishing Vessel Personnel, 2001 - English

KA948E - E-Reader: Document for Fishing Vessel Personnel, 2001 - English

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  • SKU: KA948E
  • ISBN: 9789280151053
  • Product Type: E-Reader
  • Manufacturer: IMO Publishing

This publication on Training and Certification of Fishing Vessel Personnel takes account of the conventions and recommendations adopted by ILO and IMO and the wide practical experience of FAO in the field of training of fishing vessel personnel. It covers training and certification of fishing vessel personnel on small and large fishing vessels and fishing on an industrial scale catching fish, whales, seals, walruses and other living resources of the sea. It is intended to provide guidance for those developing, establishing or reviewing national training schemes for training and certification programmes for fishing vessel personnel.

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