IA755E - Safety Code for Fishermen & Fishing Vessels (B), 2006 - English

IA755E - Safety Code for Fishermen & Fishing Vessels (B), 2006 - English

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Please note that the publications are not held at the IMRF and are dispatched from IMO Publishing.

The SLF Sub-Committee established a correspondence group to facilitate the revision of the Code and the Voluntary Guidelines and, following clearance by the relevant sub-committees of the IMO, the revised text was submitted to the MSC at its seventy-ninth session (1 to 10 December 2004) at which it was approved.

At the twenty-sixth session of the Committee on Fisheries in March 2005, FAO welcomed the revised Code and Voluntary Guidelines and recommended the early publication by IMO of these documents. The Governing Body of ILO approved the revised texts at its 293rd session in June 2005.

The revised version of part B, Safety and Health Requirements, of the Code is directed primarily towards to shipbuilders and owners, containing requirements for the construction and equipment for fishing vessels.