ET133F - E-Book: Model Course - Safety of Fishing Operations (Support), 2005 - French

ET133F - E-Book: Model Course - Safety of Fishing Operations (Support), 2005 - French

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  • SKU: ET133F
  • ISBN: 9789280123586
  • Product Type: E-Book - Model Course
  • Manufacturer: IMO Publishing

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The standards of competence that have to be met by fishermen are defined in the STCW-F 95, the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel. This specific model course was developed on the requirements laid out in the STCW-F document 1995.

The model course aims to provide the training for candidates to undertake fishing operations on board ship, in accordance with Chapter III, Regulation 1.6, and Attachment 2, Resolution 4, Annex 2.2 of the IMO STCW-F 1995.

This syllabus covers the requirements of the STCW-F 1995 Convention and IMO/FAO/ILO Docuement for Guidance on Training and Certification of Fishing Vesslel Personnel, Chapter 6.24 and 6.29. On meeting the minimum standard of competence in fishing operations, a trainee will be competent to undetstand the fishing methods and associated fishing gear and to safetly engage in fishing operation under the supervision of an experienced deckhand.

The course is open to all fishing vessel personnel that are to serve onboard sea-going fishing vessels. There are no particular educational entry requirements.