How the IMRF Bookshop Website Works

How the IMRF Bookshop Works for Existing IMRF Members and IMRF Supporters

Each Mean Contact Person and CEO/President will receive an invitation from the new IMRF Bookshop Online to join the new IMRF Bookshop. Your new account is already ready with the basic information, and the 20% Discount is switched on.

You will receive the Discount Code in your (Renewal) Membership Confirmation e-mail, which you must use in the Check Out pages for the 20% discount to work. If you have forgotten your Discount Code, please e-mail


Figure 1: The “Magnifying glass” means “Search”. The little “Person” means “your Account or logging in, or creating your account”, and the “Bag” means the “items you wish to purchase”.

If you have not received your invitation from the new IMRF Bookshop, check your Junk folder, otherwise, please e-mail Wendy Webster at

When you decide to buy from the IMRF Bookshop, please fill in the “Discount Code” on the checkout page. The 20% Discount will work for your order then.

Figure 2: The page checkout page where you can put in the "Discount Code".

You can also find the “Discount Code” in the “Members Only” section on our main IMRF Website

If you don’t have a IMRF Website “Members Only” account as an IMRF Member, or a “IMRF Supporter Only” account yet, please contact Wendy Webster at, and she will help you through the steps of setting up your IMRF Website “Members Only”/”IMRF Supporter Only” account.

Figure 3: “Members Only” area page on the IMRF Website. You can find the Discount Code under “Discounts & Benefits”.

If you have problems reaching the “Members Only” area, please write to Wendy Webster at

Figure 5: “IMRF Supports Only” area page on the IMRF Website. You can find the Discount Code under “Discounts & Benefits”.

If you have problems reaching the “IMRF Supports Only” area, please write to Wendy Webster at

How It Works for Non-Members and Non-IMRF Supporters

If you are not a Member (organisation) or an IMRF Supporter, you can still set up an account, but you don’t receive 20% discount. But perhaps you may want to consider becoming a Member.

Check out our “Join the IMRF” page, and/or our “IMRF Supporter Subscription” page.

If you have any questions regarding becoming a Member, please e-mail the IMRF at

I Am an IMRF Member or an IMRF Supporter, But My 20% Discount Code Doesn’t Work

If you are an IMRF Member (no main contact person or CEO), or IMRF Supporter, and you just created your own account, the 20% Discount Code doesn’t work yet. Please contact Wendy Webster at to activate the 20% Discount Code for you.

If your account is set up with the 20% Discount Code, but still doesn’t work at the checkout page, e-mail Wendy Webster at, so she can fix the fault for you.

Please note: when you are part of an IMRF Membership Organisation and set up your IMRF Bookshop Account, and asked Wendy Webster to switch on the 20% Discount Code, she may have to check if you are truly belong to your IMRF Member Organisation, or if you are an IMRF Supporter before the 20% Discount Code is activated.


Please note that your details in your account are solely used for trading with the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF) – IMRF Bookshop Online.

If you no longer want to renew your Membership or your IMRF Supporter after your subscription year is finished, your details will be removed from the Bookshop Online Website.

We may send you an e-mail if there is a change to the IMRF Bookshop Online, or when we have changed the "Discount Code".

If you wish to receive our monthly IMRF Bookshop Newsletter, please visit our IMRF Website Newsletter page.

We will not share or sell your (contact) details to third parties.