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Please note that the IMRF does not hold a stock of publications of IMO Publishing, nor do we dispatch them.

After you have placed your order with the IMRF Bookshop, we pass it to the suppliers and they complete the order.

Access E-Books & E-Readers

IMO Publishing E-Books & E-Readers

After ordering and paying for your your E-Book(s) and/or E-Reader(s), IMRF Bookshop places your order at IMO Publishing.

IMO Publishing will make the e-book/e-reader titles available and will let the IMRF and you know.

The IMRF Bookshop will then set up an IMO Publishing account on your behalf, and send you the log-in details and instructions on how to get to your E-Books/E-Reader. Please note that the e-books come either in E-Book (PDF) or E-Reader (EBK) format.

Below you will find the PDF instructions of how to download and use PDF or EBK files (the E-Books and E-Readers).

What is an E-Book

An E-Book is a PDF and can be downloaded from your IMO Publishing account directly to your computer. You may have to fill in a purchase code, which can be found in your IMO Publishing Account.

One licence (read: 1 E-Book) gives you 2 "copies" to download on different devices if you wish, or use the second "copy" as a spare in case something happens to your device. But, most PDF books are not secured and can be shared among colleagues multiple times.

An E-Book works on a Windows Computer, a Mac Computer, and many smart devices (providing it has a "pdf reader" installed on it).

Downloading Your E-Book, E-reader File or Subscription

What is a E-Reader 

An E-Reader (EBK file) can only be read through the IMO Bookshelf Software.

One licence (read: 1 E-Reader) gives you 2 "copies" to download on different devices if you wish, or use the second "copy" as a spare in case something happens to your computer.

Since December 2019 the IMO Bookshelf Software now allows you to uninstall your e-reader from your computer and install it on another computer (don't forget to reinstall the IMO Bookshelf software on the other computer as well, of course). This gives you more freedom and there is less chance you have to use your second copy, and could even been given to a colleague.

Important: You must uninstall the license from the old computer before attempting to reinstall it on another computer! 

Find more information about the IMO Bookshelf Software here.

NB: You may print 10% of the text (approx. a chapter) at a time from a single title with a maximum of 75 pages per day across all titles. 

The IMO Bookshelf and Mac Computers

For a Mac Computer it is best to use a "Windows Emulator".

Please visit the Apple.com: https://support.apple.com/kb/DL1837?locale=en_US. After you have installed the Boot Camp (Windows Emulator), you should be able to install and use the IMO Bookshelf software, and download the E-Reader.

For instructions on how to use the Boot Camp Software and other similar Windows Emulators, please go to YouTube and search for "Boot Camp Software Mac".

If you have any questions, or problems, please e-mail us at bookshop@imrf.org.uk, or e-mail IMO Publishing directly at sales@imo.org.

For general instructions, please download the file below:

E-Reader (EBK) File Download Instructions

Access E-books at IMO Publisher for PDF Download or IMO Bookshelf (Long Version Manual)

E-Books from IMRF Publications

All of the IMRF's E-Books are in PDF format. After completing your order, you will find the download link in your confirmation e-mail and the attached invoice.

If you have chosen to pay later through a bank transfer, then the download link will be made live after the payment is through.

You will receive a new confirmation e-mail and a "Shipped/Paid with Thanks" invoice. In the "Shipped/Paid with Thanks" invoice you will find the live download link.