Downloadable Products & Internet Subscriptions

Online Subscriptions are the IMO Publishing databases and other interactive digital books and products.

Once you have purchased your online subscription, the IMO Publishing will make it available through your IMO Publishing account. 

Please follow the instructions given, when clicking on your subscription in your account.

Below a short manual on how to access a trail or subscription.

Access A Trial or Subscription or visit the IMO Publishing page "Trial Account".

IMO Publishing Video: "IMO Database of Instruments"

After purchasing an IMO Database, you will find instructions in your IMO Publishing account. But you can find the instructions below as well in pdf.

Downloading Your E-Book, E-reader File or Subscription

Activating the Electronic IMO-Vega Database for download

For more information about IMO Publishing Databases, internet subscriptions and other software, please go to IMO Publishing.

Other Downloadable Products

Certain products can be downloaded after purchase from the IMO Publishers website. For example the IMO Vega Database.

After you have purchased your downloadable product from the IMRF Bookshop, we will process your order at IMO Publishing.

IMO Publishing will provide you with an activation code, which either the IMRF Bookshop, or the IMO Publishing will e-mail to you.

Once you have received your activation code, go to Follow the instructions to download your software and your activication code to get it running.

Click on the following link for more information about the IMO VEGA Database on the web.

Any problems, please e-mail us at, or e-mail directly to IMO Publishing at

Download IMRF E-Books

Once you have ordered and paid for the IMRF E-Book, you can download the E-Book in your Confirmation E-mail (please, check your junk folder, in case the confirmation e-mail landed in there.).