The New IMO Bookshelf Service - Update

IMO Publishing is pleased to announce that the new IMO Bookshelf service will be launching, as planned, on 1 May 2022.

As such, from 1 May 2022 (UK time) all new e-reader purchases will be provided for use with the new service.

All relevant product codes will remain the same. For example, all e-reader product codes start with a ‘K’, thus, KM200E is the e-reader product code for the 2020 edition of the IMDG Code. If you’re curious about how IMO Publishing product codes are put together, please check our ‘Anatomy of a Product Code’ document.

Purchases of e-readers for the new IMO Bookshelf service can be made, as usual, through the IMRF Bookshop Online website and licences for the e-readers will be added to your IMO Publishing account in the normal way.

The VP website (the IMO Publishing Account Website) has been upgraded to cater for the new IMO Bookshelf service, although the general functioning of the site remains very similar to what you are currently using. You will notice, however, that IMO Publishing took the opportunity to offer you a refreshed ‘look and feel’ to the branding of the website.

If you have previously purchased e-readers for the old Windows-based IMO Bookshelf, you will also see their original READ code underneath the new login credentials.

This code is for reference only and will be essential to assist with migrating your previously purchased products to the new IMO Bookshelf service, if you wish to do so. The below screen shot shows what you will see when you log into you VP IMO Publishing website account:

To assist the IMRF Bookshop with the new IMO Bookshelf, IMO Publishing has produced some new support materials in document and video form, which can be accessed via a dedicated web page.

This web page is a ‘work in progress’ and new material is being added constantly. If you cannot find what you’re looking for or have any suggestions for new content you would like to see, please email us at

The old IMRF Bookshelf will still be working until June 2023, but if you already wish to move your books (bought before 1 May 2022) to the new system, please fill in the "Migration Form" and e-mail it to

The IMRF Bookshop will make sure that IMO Publishing and Witherby Publishing will migrate your existing E-Readers to the new IMO Bookshelf. The IMRF Bookshop will let you know when the migration is done and you when you can access your books on the new IMO Bookshelf.

Migrating Existing Purchases to the new IMO Bookshelf Service

Recently we gave an overview of the process for migrating customers’ existing e-readers from the Windows-based IMO Bookshelf E-Reader software to the new IMO Bookshelf browser-based service.

We can now clarify that, in order for you as customer to migrate to the new IMO Bookshelf, you must first have an account on the new IMO Bookshelf service.

Your account will be created automatically (as described in the previous article) when you purchase an IMO Publication from 1 May 2022 and the process will be as described in the March newsletter. A diagram of the process is shown below:

The migration form and migration spreadsheet can be eventually downloaded by IMRF Bookshop. It is the responsibility of the IMRF Bookshop to send the relevant migration form or spreadsheet to their customers and to verify the details before sending the form/spreadsheet to IMO Publishing for logging and forwarding to Witherby Publishing for processing.

Please note that customers do not need to migrate their existing publications from day 1, or even migrate at all, unless they choose to do so.

The content they have purchased for use with the Windows-based IMO Bookshelf will remain available to them indefinitely, although technical support for the product will end in June 2023.

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