The Latest News on the New IMO Bookshelf Service

IMO Publishing is in the final stages of testing the new IMO Bookshelf hybrid E-Book Reader Service and we are on target for the new release date of 1 May 2022.

They are currently working to provide you with multiple user help materials that will cover all the functionality of the new system and answer any questions you may have.

Please look out for further details in the IMO Publishing April newsletter and the latest IMRF Bookshop blogs and Newsletters.

Should you have any questions, please e-mail


Migrating User Accounts to the New IMO Bookshelf

The new, browser-based IMO Bookshelf E-Reader Platform will become operational on 1 May 2022. From this time, all new digital publications purchased from IMO will be accessible only via the new platform.

Customers’ existing digital publications will continue to be available for use via the Windows-based IMO Bookshelf E-Reader Software, which will continue to benefit from user-support until June 2023 and the publications will remain available to the user indefinitely, until they choose to migrate their purchases to the new IMO Bookshelf platform.

From 1 May 2022, customers may choose to migrate their existing digital publications from the Windows-based IMO Bookshelf E-Reader Software to the new browser-based IMO Bookshelf E-Reader Platform, so that all their IMO publications are available in one place.

Migration of customers’ existing digital publications to the new platform must be requested via the IMRF Bookshop Online, using a simple Migration Form to complete for individual users or a Spreadsheet option for fleet operations.

The Migration Form or Spreadsheet will be submitted to IMO Publishing by the IMRF Bookshop and, after verification and recording.

IMO Publishing will forward the details to their technical service provider, Witherby Publishing, to action the migration process.

Witherby Publishing will liaise directly with the customer to establish the transition and assist with testing.

Once the customer is happy that they can access their IMO publications via the new platform, they will be requested to run a small uninstallation process within their Windows-based E-Reader Software and send confirmation to Witherby Publishing, who will confirm completion of the migration process to IMO Publishing.


Points to Remember

While the migration process is a relatively straight-forward process, which should take only a few days to complete, there are many users of the current Windows-based IMO Publishing Software, who may wish to migrate their assets to the new platform.

As such, requests will be processed on a first come, first served basis, and will be added to a list for processing.

Given the high number of IMO Bookshelf Customers, this will necessarily mean that it may take some time to complete the migration of all customer accounts.

As such, the IMRF Bookshop and the IMO Publishing ask kindly the customers exercise patience, while IMO Publishing and Witherby Publishing assist them as fast and as efficiently as possible.

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