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The IMO Bookshelf Update

Since launching the new, browser-based IMO Bookshelf service on 1 May 2022, several thousand new e‑reader publications have been purchased and the number of successful migrations from the Windows-based IMO Bookshelf e-reader software to the new IMO Bookshelf service continues to grow apace.As we move forward, please check out the following tips which will assist you in making a smooth transition:
1. Migration from the old Bookshelf to the new Bookshelf can be requested following the purchase of a new IMO publication on or after 1 May 2022.
2. Customers should NEVER uninstall their old Windows-based IMO Bookshelf software (including the use of the Support – ‘Convert Licence’ option in the software) until they have confirmed that they have full access to all their IMO Publications on the new IMO Bookshelf. Uninstalling the Windows IMO Bookshelf software is the last item in the migration process. Doing so prematurely can leave vessels without full access to their publications.
3. Customers with both Witherby and IMO publications on their Windows-based IMO Bookshelf software can migrate all their e-reader publications together by listing ALL READ codes when requesting migration. Customers with existing Witherby Connect accounts will be able to merge their publications to an existing new IMO Bookshelf account:
     - To see only IMO publications, login at     - To see all publications, login at:
4. IMPORTANT! Uninstalling the old Windows-based IMO Bookshelf software will remove ALL publications from that installation. It is therefore imperative that all READ codes must be provided on the migration form/spreadsheet so that all associated publications are migrated together.
5. When customers complete their migration form/spreadsheet, they are asked to quote their new IMO Bookshelf login and password. If they don’t have these details, which are created when they purchase a new IMO publication, they are not yet ready to migrate.
6. The new IMO Bookshelf login/password look like this:
     - Login: IMOCC12345     - Password: READ-ABCD-1234-1Z81-2ABC
These details are generated automatically by the VP website and are displayed in their customer record, together with the URL to access the IMO Bookshelf service. 
7. NB: IMO e-reader publications purchased from 1 May 2022 cannot be activated in customers’ old existing Windows-based IMO Bookshelf software. These new publications will only be available using the new, browser-based IMO Bookshelf service.
8.   Further information on processes and procedures, including migration forms/spreadsheets, are available on the dedicated distributor IMO Bookshelf web page.
If you have questions or are unsure about any issue related to the new IMO Bookshelf, please e-mail or for assistance.

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