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As you may have seen under "Displayed Books" we still sell Paperback Books, but we sell mostly digital books these days.

When we send out an order that contains a Paperback Book, we have to write on the forms our EORI Number and other important data, so the Customs Tax stays as low as possible.

The Customs Tax needs to be paid by the receiver of the parcel.

It’s important to understand that when we ship internationally, there may be extra fees involved, depending to which country we are sending.

If we are shipping to a country in the EU and the shipment is a gift under the value of €45 (about £38), then you, as the received, won’t have to pay any tax or duties. That includes the cost of shipping - so if your parcel contains a £10 book and shipping costs you £8 then the total would be £18 and you wouldn’t need to pay any extra charges.

Because we are seen as a Business, even when we are a Charity, the gift exemption won’t apply to your parcel. The amount of VAT you’ll have to pay for EU countries usually ranges between 17-27% depending on where we are shipping to.

If we are shipping to the rest of the world, then the tax and duty you’ll have to pay on delivery can vary a lot more depending on the country we are shipping to and what we are sending.

Some countries also have a larger threshold for import tax and duties - for example, if we are shipping to the USA, you don’t usually have to pay tax on shipments up to the value of $800 (about £586).

Every country is different, which is why we always recommend checking the customs requirements for the specific place we are sending to. 

We will keep you up to date with the latest news of Customs Tax and finding ways to keep the tax as low as possible. Keep an eye out for new Blogs in the next coming months.

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